What Should You Pay For Air Conditioning?

With summer temperatures sometimes reaching 100+, air conditioning is a necessity in Australia. It makes such a difference, from you lying there not wanting to move because of the stifling heat to running around getting everything you need done. But with so many variations in systems, which type is right for your home? Wall Mounted Systems– The more traditional air conditioning unit is the wall mounted variation. This is where the system is attached high up on a wall somewhere so that it can effectively diffuse cold air around an entire space. Read More 

Faux Wood Blind: Pros, Cons & Care

It is vital to understand the nature and properties of faux wood blinds before purchase choose the products over real wood. Though the latter has great benefits, the popularity of faux wood has continued to grow. Many homeowners are choosing to install these products in their homes instead of the traditional materials. Basically, the blinds are made of vinyl or a blend of polymers and wood particles. The slats manufactured are made to appear like genuine wood which gives the window treatment that natural appeal. Read More 

Lime Scale Buildup? Relax, Here Is The Solution

Limescale is a grimy white mineral residue formed by high levels of magnesium and calcium in hard water. It often gathers in shower screens and leaves the screen with gray dullness. Besides its staining effect, the hard water minerals combine with ingredients found in household cleaners,  making them less effective as cleaning agents. Overtime, the mineral build-up can cause damage to the shower screen and make these pesky stains almost impossible to eliminate. Read More 

Comparing Fiberglass And Vinyl Pool Liners

The job of a pool liner is to provide fundamental protection to the pool area itself. Acting as a barrier between the water and the concrete, a pool liner protects from damage and the build up of mold and other bacteria. Two of the most popular materials to use for making pool liners are fiberglass and vinyl. Both of these materials have benefits and drawbacks when used as a pool liner, and this article will examine some of these pros and cons for both materials. Read More 

Three Common Styles Of Garage Doors

Garage doors protect against weather and intruders, keeping your belongings safe. A well chosen garage door can enhance your property and last for many years.  Following are three styles, all of which can be automated. Roller Doors Roller doors are widely considered to be one of the most economical and functional styles of garage doors. They are manufactured from a corrugated steel curtain which rolls upwards around a drum. You can often choose from several gauges of steel; a heavier, thicker gauge has deeper corrugations. Read More