Multi-Storey Design With Wheelchair Accessibliity

While having a single storey home can be the easiest way to facilitate wheelchair access, sometimes this is not possible due to the size or slope of the block. Luckily you can still create a wheelchair accessible house over multiple storeys. Here are some issues to contemplate as you plan a wheelchair accessible house.  Will all areas of the house need to be wheelchair accessible? If the house is likely to be shared with some able bodied people you may not need to ensure wheelchair accessibly to each bedroom and bathroom. Read More 

A Guide To Sharpening Your Lawn Mower Blade

Your lawn can easily be damaged if you try to mow it with a blade that is dull.  A dull blade will rip the grass out rather than cutting it neatly and also puts extra pressure on the mower's motor, potentially causing damage.  Here's a quick guide on how to sharpen your mower blade. Safety tips Before you begin, always turn off the mower and disconnect the spark plug.  This prevents the motor from accidentally firing up and spinning the blade while you're working on it. Read More 

Back to the Drawer-ing Board: 4 Genius Ways to Repurpose Old Drawers

Upcycling your old furniture isn't merely about being thrifty, it's also about being incredibly creative with your possessions and spotting hidden potential. From pretty garden planters to unique shelving and home accents, your old drawers can live a fabulous new life in your home (and fool guests into thinking you dished out on expensive homeware). Check out these 4 great uses for your old drawers. Wrap it up Kitchen drawers are where most people store their rolls of tin foil, baking paper or sandwich bags, only for them to become a cluttered and confusing mess when you need them most. Read More 

Timber look tiles provide the appeal of wood, while offering a practical living space to someone who is wheelchair bound

For a person who is wheelchair bound and values both the cosy, rustic atmosphere of wood and surfaces that are uniform and easy to navigate, timber look tiles are a great option. Not only are they generally more cost effective than wood, but they also offer great advantages for someone in a wheelchair. Timber look tiles come in a variety of sizes In a living space designed for someone who is wheelchair bound, the dimensions of rooms are specified to accommodate the movability of a wheelchair. Read More 

5 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool in Summer

Staying cool on hot summer days can be challenging, especially if you live in a north-facing apartment that receives a lot of sunlight. Cranking up the air conditioning to maximum is one way to stay cool, but this approach can leave you facing very high energy bills. Here are some sustainable tips to keep your apartment cool in summer. 1. Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed on Sunny Days Keeping the heat out of your apartment is often more effective than trying to cool your apartment down after it has already become too hot. Read More