Timber look tiles provide the appeal of wood, while offering a practical living space to someone who is wheelchair bound

For a person who is wheelchair bound and values both the cosy, rustic atmosphere of wood and surfaces that are uniform and easy to navigate, timber look tiles are a great option. Not only are they generally more cost effective than wood, but they also offer great advantages for someone in a wheelchair.

Timber look tiles come in a variety of sizes

In a living space designed for someone who is wheelchair bound, the dimensions of rooms are specified to accommodate the movability of a wheelchair. This may mean that rooms like the bathroom have unusually large floor spaces that need to be covered. Not only are timber look tiles more practical for a bathroom than real wood flooring, but they are also available in different dimensions from wood and can be used easily to fit into any space. The design on the tiles is also consistent, so they can be arranged in any fashion without breaking up the natural wood aesthetic.

Timber look tiles do not fade in sunlight

A person who is wheelchair bound is not always able to get outdoors easily or frequently. Large windows that give a good view and let the sun shine in can help to compensate for this. Too much sun can damage a hardwood floor. To avoid this, there should be curtains over the windows and the wooden floor will have to be treated and regularly maintained. Timber look tiles are not affected by sunlight, so by using them the home can maintain the look of wood while the sun is allowed to stream in.

Timber look tiles are easier to clean

Cleaning something that has been spilled on a wooden floor does not usually involve the use of a conventional long-handled mop and water. If at all possible, mopping a hardwood floor should be avoided because the water will damage the wood. Cleaning up a spill on a wooden floor involves using perhaps a damp cloth, or a sponge, which means that it is necessary to be able to get down close to the floor. This is not possible for someone who is wheelchair bound. Timber look tiles can easily be cleaned with a conventional long handled mop and water, making them more practical for someone in a wheelchair. 

Timber look tiles can be non-slip

If wooden floors do get wet, they can be very slippery. A wheelchair can slip on this surface, which is to be avoided. By using timber look tiles that have a non-slip texture, it is possible to eliminate this possible threat. There are timber look tiles that are specifically suited for outdoor use and will not be slippery, no matter what the conditions are. Using these tiles will provide the aesthetic appeal of wood while eliminating the threat of slipping.