Air Conditioning and Summer Colds – Is Your Air Conditioner to Blame?

Air conditioning makes the indoor environment tolerable and refreshing during the summer heat. However, many people who get the cold during the summer season usually blame air conditioning. How true is this? Could your air conditioning unit be the cause of the frequent colds experienced in your family every summer? Read on to find out the connection between summer colds and air conditioning and how to avoid contracting colds when using your air conditioner.

Air conditioning and summer colds

Air conditioning is usually not directly responsible for summer colds. However, the cold, dry air inhaled from air conditioning unit can dry the mouth, mucous membranes, and other passageways, and make you vulnerable to catching a cold. The dust in the atmosphere during the summer may contain flu-causing bacteria and viruses, and since the body is more susceptible to the cold, one may end up getting sick.  Some people are prone to catching a cold more easily, and these are usually the victims of summer cold after prolonged use of air conditioning.

Another common cause of colds is poorly maintained air conditioning units. These systems get clogged with dust and debris, and the filters and coils should be cleaned regularly. If this is not done, the components become favorable grounds for bacteria and viruses. Since the air conditioners circulate old air, the viruses may find their way into your room, and once inhaled, they will cause colds and flu.

Preventing colds and flu

There are several measures that you can take during the summer to ensure that you do not contract colds as a result of using air conditioning. They include the following:

Don't set the air conditioner too low. The lower you set the air conditioning unit, the colder and dryer the air will be. Adjust the temperature to normal ranges that will not agitate your immune system as a result of inhaling cold and dry air.

Clean air conditioner: Regular cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioning unit are essential for curbing colds. Pay attention to the filters and coils which can get clogged with dirt, affecting the performance of the unit and also creating a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

Other protective measures: Taking hygiene measures such as washing your hands with an anti-bacteria wash after being in the outdoors can protect you from the cold. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth with dirty hands as they can transfer the cold virus.

Correct usage and maintenance of your air conditioning unit are the best ways to prevent exposure to cold viruses during the summer. Ensure that a qualified HVAC contractor services and cleans your air conditioner every often to make sure that it does not harbor cold and flu-causing bacteria and viruses. For more information, contact a business such as ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse.