Three Ways Electric Blinds Make Your Home Safer

Electric blinds are stylish, convenient and easy to use. You can operate the blinds from anywhere in your home, and you won't run into issues with them being hard to reach or adjust. If you've considered purchasing electric blinds but aren't sure whether or not it's worth splashing out simply for greater convenience, then this is the article for you. Electric blinds don't just make life easier—they also make your home safer in a number of ways. Electric blinds could help reduce the risk of theft, increase privacy and keep children safe. Read on to find out how.

No need for dangerous cords

Blind cords can pose a serious safety risk when children are in the house, and have been known to cause death. Electric blinds eliminate the risk of tragic accidents, as no cord is needed to operate them. A remote control or switch is used to open and close the blinds, and there are no loose strings or threads that children could become tangled in. This makes them perfect for rooms where children could be playing alone and for blinds located close to beds and cots. Even if you don't have children yourself, consider the safety of young visitors. Blind cord accidents often happen away from the home of the child, where fewer precautions are in place.

Increased privacy

Since your electric blinds can be controlled from anywhere in the house, you'll be able to have complete privacy whenever you want. Getting out of the shower and realizing your bedroom blinds are still open? Close them quickly, easily and discreetly via remote control—no more running over to the window wrapped in a towel! Closing blinds at night can be worrying. You might feel like you're on show to the whole street if you switch on the lights, but it's tricky to close blinds in the dark. Using a remote control or switch to close the blinds before you enter the room solves this problem completely, and is perfect if you often arrive home late.

Make your home appear occupied while away

Several brands of electric blinds, like Somfy, allow you to operate them using a timer. This is a great way to give the impression that your home is occupied while you're away on holiday, putting off any potential thieves. By combining automated blinds with other tips, like Victoria Police's advice to set lights to come on and off according to a timer and leave a radio switched on, you'll massively reduce the risk of a break-in while you're on holiday.