Waterproof Floors | 3 Steps To Add A Waterproof Seal To The Edges Of Your Laundry Room Floor

Laundry rooms may not have the same degree of wetness as bathrooms, but they are still prone to greater moisture and humidity than other rooms in the house. Running dryers and washing machines will increase the temperature in the room, causing moisture beads to form and seep into floors. Moisture seeping into floor edges will eventually make their way into walls to weaken the structural integrity of your home. Untreated moisture could also cause the formation of mould and mildew, which could trigger allergies. Read More 

The Importance Of Outdoor Furniture In Landscape Design

Australians love their backyards, with many people choosing to enlist the services of professional landscapers to help them design and build the ultimate outdoor living space. An important part of landscape design is choosing the outdoor furniture that you'll be adding to the space. Instead of being an afterthought, this should be a fundamental focus when you're working with your landscape designers. Identify the functions you need the furniture to fulfil Read More 

Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Systems for the Home Owner

Every homeowner appreciates the importance of air conditioning in the home. Any new developments that have the potential of making home air conditioning more efficient or cost effective are always a welcome idea. Although first used in Japan, split system air conditioners are increasingly becoming very popular across many parts of the world. Today, the majority of central air conditioning systems have split components.  As the name implies, these systems are split into two or even more units. Read More 

Adapting Your Bathroom for a Stroke Survivor: Top Tips

The bathroom can feel like a dangerous and intimidating place for a recent stroke victim. Thankfully, you can easily make it a safe and comfortable place for them with a few modifications. Here are some tips for adapting your bathroom to care for a stroke survivor. Bathing In recovering from a stroke, it's so important for the patient to be able to bathe themselves and feel comfortable doing so. With this in mind, modifying the actual bathtub for them should be your first step. Read More 

How to Prepare Large Appliances for Self Storage

If you're planning to put large appliances in self storage, such as fridges, freezers and washing machines, it's worth preparing them for their stay, especially if you'll keep them in storage for a few months or longer. This can prevent water damage accidents and keep your appliances smelling fresh and in good condition for when you need to use them again. Avoid Problems With Water Appliances shouldn't contain water when you put them in storage. Read More