Benefits of Split Air Conditioning Systems for the Home Owner

Every homeowner appreciates the importance of air conditioning in the home. Any new developments that have the potential of making home air conditioning more efficient or cost effective are always a welcome idea. Although first used in Japan, split system air conditioners are increasingly becoming very popular across many parts of the world. Today, the majority of central air conditioning systems have split components. 

As the name implies, these systems are split into two or even more units. Typically, one component is set up inside the building while the other one is outside. These systems usually have their compressor unit outside, either hung on wall brackets or just on the ground. Sometimes, these are referred to ductless air conditioning units because they do not make use of ducts for air circulation. A number of the models are available from which the homeowner can select from.

Split system air conditioners come with several benefits:

Their Installation is Easy

For the simple reason that there is no need to install ductwork, these units are relatively easy to assemble and mount. The unit set up indoors can even be some distance from the condenser that is placed outside, yet all what you will require is a tiny hole through the wall for the control wiring and copper tubing. You can even position the condenser unit on a flat roof section if that is available.

Designs that are Attractive

Instead of those huge and clunky window units that are so common, with the split system air conditioner you will now have a unit that nicely blends into your indoor decor. You will not even need to have your windows blocked either.

Their Maintenance is Easy

The split air conditioning systems are comparatively easy in terms of maintenance. These units have filters that are washable, needing just routine periodical cleaning. The outdoor units have been so designed as to make their access easy to facilitate repair and maintenance.

Simple and Quiet Operation

Most split air conditioning units have remote control options plus a wall-mounted thermostat. This makes controlling temperature convenient and easy. You can install the outdoor unit components near a patio or under a window where they disturb nobody. The indoor units are generally quiet, making them suitable for bedrooms, classrooms, libraries and boardrooms.

They also Have Heating Capability

The majority of these units come with additional heating capability. This effectively makes your home comfortable year-round for living and working.

They are Cost Effective

These systems work very well in those situations where cooling is only needed at certain times such as bedrooms at night and living rooms at day time. The systems can distribute cooled air more effectively and with greater precision. This effectively helps save energy and reduces your energy bill.