How to Prepare Large Appliances for Self Storage

If you're planning to put large appliances in self storage, such as fridges, freezers and washing machines, it's worth preparing them for their stay, especially if you'll keep them in storage for a few months or longer. This can prevent water damage accidents and keep your appliances smelling fresh and in good condition for when you need to use them again.

Avoid Problems With Water

Appliances shouldn't contain water when you put them in storage. If they have water in them, there's always the chance it could leak out. This may damage other items stored in your unit. Moisture may also allow mould to grow inside the appliance, making it smell bad and giving you a bigger cleaning job when you want to use the appliance in the future.

To avoid problems, make sure to do the following:

  • Defrost freezers and make sure they are completely dry inside.
  • Wipe down the inside of fridges after you've switched them off to get rid of any residual water or moisture.
  • Check washing machine filters and hoses to make sure they are dry. If hoses have some water in them, drain it out.

Tip: If you're storing a washing machine, you can prevent movement damage to its drum and internal system by reusing the retaining bolts that came with it when you bought it, if you still have them.

Keep Appliances Smelling Fresh

If you store a fridge or freezer that contains a stray bit of food, it will go mouldy over time. This may make your appliance smell bad, and the smell may even spread to other items you've stored in your unit. To avoid this happening, check the insides of all your appliances after you've turned them off. If they need cleaning, do it now. Again, if you clean an appliance, make sure to dry it down or leave the door open and let it air dry, if you have time.

You can also avoid bad smells building up in fridges and freezers by putting a deodoriser inside an appliance when you put it in storage. Washing machines may benefit from a final empty hot wash with a little bleach or white vinegar before you prepare them for storage.

It's also a good idea to leave fridge, freezer and washing machine doors slightly open. This helps with air circulation, which may reduce the chances of mould, as well as cutting down on bad smells.

Tip: Although an empty fridge or freezer may seem a good place to put extra stuff in storage, loading other items into appliances to use up the space may scratch or damage internal surfaces.

For storage options or more tips and information, contact a self storage company, such as Zippy Removals & Storage.