The Importance Of Outdoor Furniture In Landscape Design

Australians love their backyards, with many people choosing to enlist the services of professional landscapers to help them design and build the ultimate outdoor living space. An important part of landscape design is choosing the outdoor furniture that you'll be adding to the space. Instead of being an afterthought, this should be a fundamental focus when you're working with your landscape designers.

Identify the functions you need the furniture to fulfil

The type of furniture you choose will directly reflect the different uses you have in mind for your backyard. If you want to dine outside, then you'll need to include an outdoor dining table and chairs. If you are planning to use your backyard as an outdoor living space, then you may like to include outdoor lounge suites or daybeds so that you can relax in comfort.

It's important to discuss the function you wish your furniture to fulfil with your landscape designer prior to them beginning their initial design concepts. If you need a space to comfortably seat a large number of people when dining, or you need a large covered area to house a lounge suite, then they will need to know this beforehand.

Outdoor furniture can also be built into your backyard in the way of hard landscaping. This can include bench seats that double as storage spaces, which make comfortable lounge areas with the addition of some cushions.  Moulded cement seating blocks, which can be located in picturesque positions around the garden, will provide you with durable alternative seating to the main deck or patio.

Get the aesthetic balance right

The furniture you choose for your garden is a vital part in achieving harmony and balance in your overall aesthetic. For example, if you've used a lot of monochromatic materials, such as stone and concrete, then using timber furniture is a good way to bring an element of warmth into the space.

Also, consider the plants that your landscaping designer will be using when choosing furniture. If you have a busy, bright garden with lots of blooming plants, then you might like to choose simple, unobtrusive furniture so you don't detract from the view. If your plants are more spartan and structural in style, then you might like to make a statement with your furniture by using bold colours or interestingly shaped pieces.

It's best to view the outdoor furniture you choose as integral to the overall design that your landscaper will create for you. By seeing it this way, you'll be creating a truly integrated and cohesive space that not only looks amazing but also functions effectively and enhances the enjoyment you'll get out of your outdoor living area.