How To Remove Newspaper Ink From Fabric Curtains And Blinds

Newspaper ink can be easily and unwittingly transferred from your fingers to curtains and blinds from Aussie Curtain Call Interiors where it leaves an unsightly dark smudge.  Luckily, the stain can be easily and quickly removed.  Here's how to return your curtains and blinds to their original pristine condition! Before you start These days, newspaper ink is usually soy-based, although there can be an element of petroleum content, and that can make it tricky to remove from fabric. Read More 

Reasons To Renovate Your Kitchen With Granite Benchtops

If you're thinking about renovating your kitchen, but you can't afford a total renovation, you may be able to achieve a significant change in appearance by switching out your existing benchtop with a granite benchtop. Granite is sought after because it has a distinct look, it's durable and it offers design choices. Distinct Appearance -- Granite is a natural stone that is mined from the earth, and one of the unique aspects of granite is that no two slabs are exactly the same. Read More 

Tips for Choosing a Wardrobe for Your Home

A wardrobe is a good choice for a space in your home that doesn't have a closet, or for when that closet is already overflowing. The difference between a wardrobe and a dresser is that a wardrobe specifically has room for hanging up clothes, rather than just having drawers. There are built-in wardrobes that are part of the wall permanently, and those that have legs like a dresser. When buying a wardrobe, you have virtually unlimited choices in their size, style and features, so note a few factors to keep in mind so you make the right choice. Read More 

Advantages of Renting Out a 24-hour Self Storage Unit

If you are moving to a new home, chances are you will find you have accumulated a surplus of belongings that you may not necessarily need. Some people may find it difficult to part with their stuff either due to sentimental reasons or perhaps they may be crucial at a later date. Alternatively, you may be contemplating selling or donating them, but do not have the time to get around to it yet. Read More 

Backyard Bliss | 3 Golden Rules To Boost the Shelf Life of your Lawn Mower

Lawn mowers are essential for keeping your lawn grass trimmed and well manicured, but they can only do their job right if they are in top working condition. That's why you need to spend time taking care of your lawn mower regularly to ensure that it meets your expectations for a long time to come -- especially during those times when you want your lawn looking its manicured best. Always Use Fresh Fuel Read More