How To Remove Newspaper Ink From Fabric Curtains And Blinds

Newspaper ink can be easily and unwittingly transferred from your fingers to curtains and blinds from Aussie Curtain Call Interiors where it leaves an unsightly dark smudge.  Luckily, the stain can be easily and quickly removed.  Here's how to return your curtains and blinds to their original pristine condition!

Before you start

These days, newspaper ink is usually soy-based, although there can be an element of petroleum content, and that can make it tricky to remove from fabric.  For this reason, the stain removal product you choose must have an oil or grease tackling capability.  Check the manufacturer's label carefully or if you're not sure, ask in a good DIY store for an appropriate product.

Before tackling the stain, always test your chosen stain removal medium on a small, inconspicuous area of fabric first; some chemicals can cause fabric dye to run or bleach.  Curtain and blind fabric can be delicate, so always use the most gentle stain removal method first.  You can then 'up the ante' if necessary.

What you'll need

  • tissue paper
  • an iron
  • proper stain removal product
  • washing-up liquid
  • clean, colourfast cloths
  • warm water

How to do it

  1. If possible, take the curtains or blinds down.  This makes cleaning the fabric and drying it much easier as you won't have to teeter on a stool or steps to reach.  Also, if you can lay the fabric out flat as you work, there's less chance of ink transfer or wrinkling.  
  2. Sometimes, it may be possible to lift the ink away from the fabric without having to wet it, so try this method first.  Place a piece of tissue paper over the stained area and apply a warm iron to the paper.  The oil within the newspaper ink will adhere to the paper enabling you to simply lift it off, just like a transfer.  
  3. If the ink is still there after the iron and tissue paper treatment, make up a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water and dab it onto the stain using a clean, colourfast cloth.  Don't rub at the stain as you could spread it or damage the fabric.  
  4. Allow the cleaning solution to activate for a few minutes, and then blot it using a clean, dry cloth to lift off the ink.  
  5. Rinse the fabric using cold water to get rid of any remaining soap.  Blot dry using a clean cloth.  
  6. If the stain is still there, treat it using the stain removal product, following the manufacturer's directions carefully.  Rinse thoroughly under cold water.  
  7. Once the curtain or blind is clean, allow it to air dry.  Run a warm iron over the fabric to get rid of any wrinkles.  
  8. Before you rehang your blind or curtain, check that the wall against which it hangs is not covered with newspaper ink fingerprints!  These can be removed by carefully damp-sponging the area using a mild solution of washing-up liquid and warm water.

In conclusion

If you discover newspaper ink stains on your curtains or blinds, don't despair.  You can quickly and simply remove the marks and return your window dressings to their former glory!