Three Common Styles Of Garage Doors

Garage doors protect against weather and intruders, keeping your belongings safe. A well chosen garage door can enhance your property and last for many years.  Following are three styles, all of which can be automated.

Roller Doors

Roller doors are widely considered to be one of the most economical and functional styles of garage doors.

They are manufactured from a corrugated steel curtain which rolls upwards around a drum. You can often choose from several gauges of steel; a heavier, thicker gauge has deeper corrugations. Wider doors are constructed from heavier gauges so the door doesn't bend.

Steel has the advantage of being strong and able to withstand knocks to some degree; the heaviest gauges are the toughest.

As the drum fits above the door rather than on the ceiling, this style does not take up ceiling space. Also, because roller doors open vertically, you can park your car close to the garage before opening; you don't need to allow additional space for outward tilting doors.

Sectional Doors

Rather than being made from one solid sheet of steel, these garage doors are made from horizontal hinged sections or panels.

The door rolls upwards along tracks which run vertically up the sides of the garage entrance and then continue horizontally across the ceiling. The door slides up vertically then horizontally along the tracks when opening so that when fully open the door spans the ceiling.

Sectional doors are not suitable if your garage has ceiling lighting or pipes that will obstruct the horizontal movement.

This style is economical if your garage doors become damaged, as sections can be replaced individually, so this saves the cost of replacing an entire door.

Sectional garage doors usually provide extensive customisation options. The panels are available in many finishes and colours: in patterned or embossed steel, in flat finishes or in warm timbers, so you can customise your garage doors to compliment your home.

Tilting Doors

This traditional style is not as popular today as in the past. As the door tilts outwards when opening, you need to park your vehicle some distance away. Beneficially, however, tilting garage doors do not take up head room in your garage.

Tilting doors are manufactured in a wide range of materials, designs, colours and textures: from aluminium, steel and timbers such as cedar. Quaint styles with mouldings and grooves to mimic windows or old style barn doors are also available.

A garage door is an important investment that adds value to your home. All styles offer a range of customisation options, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one to both compliment your home and suit your needs.

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