What Should You Pay For Air Conditioning?

With summer temperatures sometimes reaching 100+, air conditioning is a necessity in Australia. It makes such a difference, from you lying there not wanting to move because of the stifling heat to running around getting everything you need done. But with so many variations in systems, which type is right for your home?

Wall Mounted Systems– The more traditional air conditioning unit is the wall mounted variation. This is where the system is attached high up on a wall somewhere so that it can effectively diffuse cold air around an entire space. These units are a little more chunky than some of the other varieties available, but they are effective and do disseminate the cool air around the entire room efficiently.

Ceiling Mounted Systems – These units offer a much more subtle, modern and stylish look than the previously mentioned, more traditional wall mounted air conditioning system. They appear as a grate in the ceiling of a room. The placing of these systems is also far more effective than the wall mounted units. The air diffuses around the room at a faster rate because it does not have to start at the far end of the room and instead blows from above.

Bulkhead A/C Units – These systems are again more subtle than the wall mounted systems. These units are perfect for those with space issues of limited wall area, as well as probably being the most quiet variation of system available, which makes them a very good option for a bedroom unit. They aren't quite as effective as the two previously mentioned models because they take longer to cool rooms. However, this is a small disadvantage for their quietness, especially if one has them in a bedroom, you simple have to turn it on slightly before retiring for the evening.

Multi head split system – If you have lot of rooms to cool, it would be far more efficient to have a series of heads in all the places you want them and just one bulkier outdoor fan section for dealing with all the excess heat wouldn't it? Well that's the idea behind the multi head system. You can choose however many rooms you'd like connected up and then simply rig them all up to the same exterior unit. This system also operates for versatility in the head units installed, allowing for the big living room blowers and the quiet bedroom whisperers – and it's more economical!

Hopefully this article has cleared up some of the available variations of air conditioning units. For more information, contact a business such as Four Seasons Gas and Air.