Three budget-friendly ways to revamp your kitchen

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful, stylish kitchen that is designed exactly to their liking. However, kitchens can be extremely expensive to renovate and for a lot of people, this type of project is simply far too costly. The good news is that even if your budget won't quite stretch to a full makeover , there are some simple things you can do to give this part of your home a new lease on life. Read More 

3 Frequently Asked Questions About Gardening

Planting a garden in your backyard can seem daunting for the nature-lover who is just starting out. You don't know what to plant where, how often to water, how to care for your plants – it's all just a maze of uncertainty. The following paragraphs handle the most important questions asked by first-time gardeners, and can guide you to setting up a nature haven in your back or front yard. Remember, you don't need expanses of land to create a beautiful garden; whatever space you have is enough! Read More 

3 Wood Finish Considerations Before Fitting Timber Blinds In Your Home

Whether you're renovating or moving into a new home, wooden blinds can transform the aesthetic value of your windows because of their natural beauty and plush appearance. Some timber blinds with a Venetian appearance can cost you in excess of $135, so you'll naturally want to make careful decisions to avoid regretting your investment. This guide will help you consider certain factors regarding wood finishes before fitting timber blinds in your home. Read More 

5 Ways to Create a Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

Luxury isn't all about money, it also hinges on taste and style. This means that no matter your budget, you should be able to create a luxury look and feel in your home. If you are working with a budget, there are ways that you can revamp your bathroom so that it feels more like an upscale spa than the place you floss your teeth in the morning. Here are a few ideas: Read More 

Timber Decking | 4 Ideal Materials For Outdoor Timber Decks

It's hardly a secret that Australians enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially in the encouraging summer climate. When planning to build outdoor timber decking for your home, you have a variety of wood materials to choose from based on your personal taste and preferences. This guide is designed to help you choose ideal materials for outdoor timber decks.  Treated Pine Treated pine has become one of the most popular timber decking materials in Australian homes because it is relatively inexpensive and offers a great deal of aesthetic prowess to your outdoor space. Read More