Timber Decking | 4 Ideal Materials For Outdoor Timber Decks

It's hardly a secret that Australians enjoy spending time in the great outdoors, especially in the encouraging summer climate. When planning to build outdoor timber decking for your home, you have a variety of wood materials to choose from based on your personal taste and preferences. This guide is designed to help you choose ideal materials for outdoor timber decks. 

Treated Pine

Treated pine has become one of the most popular timber decking materials in Australian homes because it is relatively inexpensive and offers a great deal of aesthetic prowess to your outdoor space. Treated pine looks great with staining or painting, so you can achieve any colour and look you desire. Treated pine decks will cost you between $13 and $15 for 90 mm wide timber up to 6 metres in length, making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious homeowners.    


An Australian native hardwood, Blackbutt is highly popular because of its fire resistant properties, so it is best suited for bushfire-prone areas. The wood has a hazel brown colour with a fairly consistent colour and grain. You can choose to stain or paint the wood based on your specific desires in your home. You'll need to get it sealed because untreated or unsealed Blackbutt wood can crack under the strain of the harsh Australian sun. Standard Blackbutt flooring is relatively inexpensive and costs under $5 per linear metre for 80 mm wide timber with a thickness of 13 mm.   


Jarrah remains a highly popular timber decking choice for many Australian homes for its natural beauty and fire-resistant properties, but it is more expensive than most other timbers and is best suited to people willing to shell out the money for this plush choice. Jarrah offers superior decorative value and has a beautiful natural wood colour, which adds to its appeal. You can find Jarrah in colours from light brown to darker shades, allowing you to complement your home's exterior easily. You can leave Jarrah unsealed because of its strength and resilience. Standard Jarrah is about 20 to 25 percent more expensive than Blackbutt.


Teak wood is perhaps one of the most sun and rain resistant woods available for timber decking, but it is also one of the most expensive choices because of its high quality. Teak doesn't crack easily and can last for decades in the Australian climate, making it a good choice for people who have the budget to spare.

If you're thinking of installing timber decking in your home's exterior, consider these material choices based on your personal taste and preferences.