Three budget-friendly ways to revamp your kitchen

Many homeowners dream of having a beautiful, stylish kitchen that is designed exactly to their liking. However, kitchens can be extremely expensive to renovate and for a lot of people, this type of project is simply far too costly. The good news is that even if your budget won't quite stretch to a full makeover , there are some simple things you can do to give this part of your home a new lease on life.

Add some colourful accessories

One of the easiest ways to improve the appearance of a kitchen is to replace the everyday storage and linen items with some colourful, coordinated products. Whilst you don't of course have to choose items that match, doing so can help to create a cohesive decorative scheme.  A few pretty tea-towels, coffee and tea canisters, along with a tablecloth and a new blind for the window don't cost very much, but will have a dramatic impact on a drab kitchen.   

Go for a minimalist look

Sometimes, it's not the decor that's the problem, but rather the clutter and mess that covers every surface. Trinkets gathering dust on the windowsill, a mass of magnets and old shopping lists stuck to the fridge, piles of laundry on the chairs and mountains of paperwork, recipe books, and unused appliances scattered over the counters can make even the chicest of spaces seem awful.

If this sounds like an accurate description of your kitchen, you might want to consider adopting a minimalist approach - at least in this area of your home. A sparkling clean space which is free from clutter will look a hundred times better than one in which every surface is plastered with mess. Devote one or two days to clearing out unnecessary items, tidying away those that you want to keep and deep-cleaning every nook and cranny. If you find yourself struggling to find places to neatly store items, consider donating anything that you haven't used in the last few months and perhaps investing in some storage baskets. You'll be astonished at what a difference this process makes to the room's overall look.  

Paint your cabinets

One of the first things that is usually done during a kitchen renovation is replacing the cabinetry. This can have a dramatic visual impact, but it's also very expensive. A less costly option is to sand and re-paint your existing cabinet doors. All that's required for this project is some sandpaper, primer, paint, varnish and a bit of elbow grease. Choose the paint colour carefully; if your kitchen is quite small, a paler shade could be a good option as this will create the illusion of spaciousness; do bear in mind however that lighter tones will show up stains and dirt more easily.

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