5 Ways to Create a Luxury Bathroom on a Budget

Luxury isn't all about money, it also hinges on taste and style. This means that no matter your budget, you should be able to create a luxury look and feel in your home. If you are working with a budget, there are ways that you can revamp your bathroom so that it feels more like an upscale spa than the place you floss your teeth in the morning. Here are a few ideas:

Use expensive materials…. sparingly. There are certain materials that just scream of luxury. Marble, for example, is the kind of material that very few people can afford to use for a bathroom floor or a shower unit. There are, however, ways to use these kinds of materials in a subtler way, so that you have a splash of luxury without breaking the budget. For example, you could install marble around your sink unit.

Upgrade your bathmats. Bathmats start to look tired very quickly. They are often made from cheap materials, and they really don't add anything in terms of decadence to a bathroom. But if you replace this with a Persian rug, your whole bathroom space will suddenly look so much more luxurious and just with one simple change.

Brass faucets. If you have faucets covered in acrylic in your bathroom, this may be functional, but it doesn't make the best impression aesthetically. One of the bathroom trends of the moment that is fairly easy to integrate into luxury bathroom design is brass. You can pick up brass faucets at any home and garden centre, or you can also have fun looking for vintage faucets in thrift stores and yard sales, and these will transform your bathroom space. Plus, it's an easy DIY weekend project that requires no outside help.

Use luxury wallpaper. Until recently, wallpaper was something that nobody considered appropriate for the bathroom. But now, not only are there many beautiful styles of wallpaper, but you can find them coated in a resin that protects the wallpaper from heat and moisture, so it won't peel off your walls, nor will it encourage mould growth.

Statement lighting. The bathroom tends to have very unimaginative lighting. For a true spa feel, you should layer the lighting in your bathroom. There should be general ambient lighting that is soft and task lighting that shines a brighter light in a specific area for tasks like shaving. You might want to choose other lights simply for their aesthetic appeal. A bubble chandelier, for example, is something that you can make at home, but that looks original, luxurious, and barely costs a penny.