The Best (and Worst) Items for Safe Storage

Whether downsizing, moving, or simply realizing you have too much junk, renting a self-storage unit at a place like All Purpose Self Storage can be a great stress-reliever if you want to keep your stuff but don't have adequate room for it; however, before embarking on your self-storage journey, make sure to familiarize yourself with storage do's and don'ts.  Vehicles As long as your vehicle has proper documentation and registration, a storage unit can be the perfect place to keep vintage cars awaiting restoration or a storage area for your car during a move overseas. Read More 

How To Fix A Broken Roller Blind Chain

A common problem with roller blinds is a broken chain.  Sometimes a chain will simply snap due to wear and tear or because the blind has been fitted too tightly inside the brackets, causing the linking pin to come loose and drop out.  If your blind has a continuous loop chain, you'll need to replace it with a new one, as the chain will be too short for repair.  However, if your blind has a standard chain, you will be able to repair it simply by using a joining link, obtainable from good DIY stores. Read More 

How To Degrease Your Wooden Kitchen Cabinet Fronts Without Using Harsh Chemicals

Your wooden kitchen cabinet fronts might look clean from a distance, but on closer inspection you may find them less than pristine.  That's because cooking releases a mist of grease into the air, this settles on your cabinets, trapping dust and other airborne particles of debris.  Add to that a few grubby fingerprints around the door handles, and you have decidedly gunky cabinet fronts without even realising it. So, how do you get your wooden kitchen cabinets beautifully clean again without using bleach and other harsh chemicals? Read More 

Top Trends in Patios and Outdoor Spaces to Discuss With Your Contractor

Before you have your contractor or patio builder design your outdoor space, you want to take the time to consider every feature that can be included in the design and the build itself. This will ensure you have a patio area that you will love for years to come, and which will work for you and your family no matter your lifestyle. Note a few of today's top trends you might consider. Read More 

Waterproof Floors | 3 Steps To Add A Waterproof Seal To The Edges Of Your Laundry Room Floor

Laundry rooms may not have the same degree of wetness as bathrooms, but they are still prone to greater moisture and humidity than other rooms in the house. Running dryers and washing machines will increase the temperature in the room, causing moisture beads to form and seep into floors. Moisture seeping into floor edges will eventually make their way into walls to weaken the structural integrity of your home. Untreated moisture could also cause the formation of mould and mildew, which could trigger allergies. Read More