Three Ways Electric Blinds Make Your Home Safer

Electric blinds are stylish, convenient and easy to use. You can operate the blinds from anywhere in your home, and you won't run into issues with them being hard to reach or adjust. If you've considered purchasing electric blinds but aren't sure whether or not it's worth splashing out simply for greater convenience, then this is the article for you. Electric blinds don't just make life easier—they also make your home safer in a number of ways. Read More 

A Quick Guide to Choosing a Glass Shower Screen for Your Bath

A glass shower screen can open up a small bathroom and make it seem bigger and brighter. Glass can reflect and bounce around light, so even a dark and cramped bathroom can look larger and more spacious with a shower screen versus a curtain. When you are ready to get a shower screen for your bath, note a few quick tips to help you make your choice. This will ensure your bathroom space looks its best and you're happy with that glass shower screen for years to come. Read More 

Air Conditioning and Summer Colds – Is Your Air Conditioner to Blame?

Air conditioning makes the indoor environment tolerable and refreshing during the summer heat. However, many people who get the cold during the summer season usually blame air conditioning. How true is this? Could your air conditioning unit be the cause of the frequent colds experienced in your family every summer? Read on to find out the connection between summer colds and air conditioning and how to avoid contracting colds when using your air conditioner. Read More 

How to Choose Shades for Your Home

Roller shades are a very good choice for many homes as they are available in soft fabrics that make them look less industrial than blinds with slats, but they don't take up as much space as curtains. Shades typically sit inside the window frame so they don't billow out and interfere with foot traffic around the room or brush up against furniture. You can also typically find shades with a remote mechanism so that you can open and close them without getting up. Read More 

New Home Builders, Should You Consider Under Floor Heating?

So, you've decided to build a new home from scratch. Instead of inheriting home components picked by a builder or previous homeowner, you'll be able to choose them to suit your family's needs. One of the most important decisions you'll make will be your heating system. There are lots of systems to choose from, and you'll want to pick one that suits your family's lifestyle. This guide will help you decide whether under floor heating should be on heating system shortlist. Read More