Keeping Your Vertical Blinds Clean

Vertical blinds are inexpensive, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. However, you do need to clean them on a regular basis to keep them in good condition. Here are some easy tips for keeping your vertical blinds clean.

Dust the Blinds Often

Keeping vertical blinds clean is sometimes as simple as dusting them on a regular basis. The more often you remove the dust, the less build-up you will have to deal with. Once dirt and debris starts building up on the blinds, it makes it more difficult to clean them. Whenever you are dusting furniture in your home, such as during a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning session, go ahead and dust the blinds as well. You can use a feather duster or your typical aerosol dusting can with a microfiber cloth. Compressed air works even better and is safe to use on most vertical blind materials. If you have real hardwood blinds, make sure you only use a cleaner meant for this material.

Remove Dirt Build-Up With a Vacuum Cleaner

Another great way to clean the vertical blinds is by using an attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Using the right attachment will remove dirt build-up that you weren't able to remove with dusting alone and also prevents you from having to remove the blinds completely to wash them. Use an attachment that has soft bristles, as this will be safe and effective to use on the blinds, regardless of their material. Start by putting it on the low setting, as too much power might scratch the surface of the blinds. As always, start from the top of the slats and work your way down.

Wash the Blinds Occasionally

There will also come a time when you need to wash the blinds a little more thoroughly. Dusting and vacuuming is good for regular cleaning, but every once in a while, remove the blinds and wash them. You can wash the blinds by using mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. A microfiber cloth is a good choice since it doesn't leave any lint behind and doesn't scratch the surface of the blinds. After removing the blinds, rinse them in a clean bathtub. Use the sponge or cloth and soapy water to wash each slat, then rinse them thoroughly. Let the blinds dry before hanging them back up.

If you have fabric blinds, make sure you do not wash them like wood and vinyl blinds. In this case, you need to vacuum the blinds to keep them clean.