DIYers’ Best Bet: 5 Top Tools Homeowners Must Have in Their Tool Box

When it comes to performing DIY projects, expertise is something that you can gain along the way while having the right tools and supplies is crucial from the start. The list of DIY tools that you can purchase from your local hardware store is almost endless, but there are some you should never to have miss in your tool box.

The following DIY tools are not just nice-to-haves; they are must-haves for your tool box if you are to stand a good chance of success in performing DIY projects.

Utility knife

Spare your kitchen knives the agony of being used to do around-the-house tasks that they are not meant for! A utility knife is a handy tool when you need to cut drywall, strip electrical wires, remove grout from tiles or carve wood among many other uses. Its lightweight design and retractable blade allows users to safely carried it in their pockets or keep it in their tool boxes.


Pliers are essential tools when you want to hold a small object firmly and then manipulate it. If you apply the right amount of torque, they can even bend metal. Make sure you have the right set of pliers including combination pliers, long-nose pliers, and locking pliers in your tool box to meet your needs. With time, as you get better at DIY jobs, you will probably feel the need to add a wire stripper to your set of pliers to assist in wire fencing and electrical projects.

Claw hammer

A claw hammer is perhaps the most popular type of hammer among many DIY homeowners. Its head is usually made of hard metal (mostly steel) and its handle can be made of fiberglass, wood or metal to provide you with a comfortable grip. Claw hammers usually come in a range of different sizes, depending on the intended use. You should leave the larger ones to those who do heavy jobs such as roof truss installers. Opt for a small or moderate-sized hammer whose head is smooth, as opposed to that which is dimpled, to avoid surface damage. A smooth, slightly belled face is best for finish work.


Instead of investing in several separate metal screwdrivers, you should settle for a screwdriver set that comes complete with interchangeable heads, all designed to perform different jobs. Whether you want to repair an appliance, drive screws into a drywall or tighten door hinges, you can pick the metal screwdriver that is best-fit for the job and attach it to the magnetic head.

Tape measure

As simple as it may be, a tape measure plays the integral role of providing accurate measurements for your home repair or improvement projects. A tape measure will come in handy when you are constructing your own furniture, you want to determine to what extent you can extend your livable space, or simply want to measure the height of your flat screen TV.