What You Should Know About Protecting Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor teak furniture is a very good choice for any homeowner, as teak is very durable yet lightweight and goes well with any type of décor or style. When you shop for outdoor teak furniture you may notice that it's often a bit pricier than other materials, and this is typically because it's so durable and long-lasting. Before you shop, however, you may have some questions about protecting the material and those furniture pieces. Note a few of those questions here as well as some helpful tips about teak.

1. How do you keep teak from fading?

Teak furniture is often valued because of its honey-brown shade, but this color fades over time. To keep this from happening with your new furniture, use a sealer. This should be one designed specifically for teak outdoor furniture, and note on the label how often you should apply the sealer. Adding too much sealer can allow moisture to collect and pool and damage the furniture, but you don't want to assume that one application will last for years either. 

2. How to clean teak outdoor furniture 

You never want to use a pressure washer or steel wool on teak furniture as this can scratch the soft surface of the wood. A pressure washer can also cause the wood to splinter and crack. Instead, use a soft scrub brush or even an old toothbrush along with warm water and, if needed, a mild detergent meant for teak or wood in particular. Oil soap is often good for wood products and can keep your teak furniture clean and looking its best. If you're concerned about the cleanser you use, choose one specifically for teak. 

3. Protecting it from the rain and humidity

Because it's wood, you want to protect teak from rain and humidity even if you've added a coat of sealant. A good trick to keep it protected during humid months is to add a beach ball under a table covering, so that moisture cannot collect around the furniture but has air exposure and room to evaporate. Prop up a covering for chairs and other pieces in the same way.

During the rainy season, bring your teak furniture indoors or wrap it tightly with a covering that fits snugly. You may also want to dry the furniture as soon as possible; otherwise, it might absorb the moisture in the air and, in turn, the wood can eventually warp and become disfigured and faded.