Tips On Getting Rid Of Vacuum Odour

Appliances used for cleaning can also become dirty themselves and require constant proper maintenance in order to maintain a fresh smell. With that in mind, vacuum cleaners accumulate dirt over time, dirt that causes a foul-smelling odour. You shouldn't use a smelly vacuum cleaner, especially if you are using it to clean the sofa or any mattresses. Here are some tips that can help you keep your vacuum cleaner fresh smelling.

Don't vacuum spilled foods or liquids. The reason you don't want to do this is that once inside the vacuum cleaner, food spills can turn rancid. In turn, this encourages the propagation of bacteria and dirt. The foul-smelling odour comes from these bacteria. For liquid spills, once you vacuum them you encourage the growth of mould inside the cleaner because mould forms in humid and moist environments. The excess moisture in your cleaner provided by liquid spills makes an ideal growth medium for mould.

Remove the cleaner's contents. It is important to remove the accumulated dirt as soon as possible after the cleaning process in order to avoid foul smells. If the bag of your vacuum cleaner is filled more than half with dirt, dispose of it already. For bagless canisters, make sure to take the vacuum extremely close to the trash bin before removing the canister. The accumulated dust and dirt tends to fly in all directions and you may end up having to vacuum once more.

Clean the attachments and brushes of your vacuum cleaner. You should also clean its attachments once in a while in order to get rid of any accumulated dirt. This includes accessories such as the brush roll. All non-electrical parts can be cleaned in soapy water, but make sure to dry them up completely before reusing them in order to avoid any problems. In order to improve the smell of your cleaner, you could also put a few drops of essential oils in the out-flow filter. Here's one more secret: You can soak the canister of your cleaner in a mix of water and lemon juice in order to freshen it up.

Use vanilla extract. This is an unconventional but very effective method of freshening up your whole house. Soak an absorbent paper towel in vanilla extract, remove it, and hang it somewhere to dry. Once it has completely dried up, put it inside the vacuum cleaner's compartment. From there, it will act as a perfume for your cleaner and make your house smell yummy!

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