3 Important Things To Know About Professional Carpet Cleaning

If you are contemplating hiring a professional carpet cleaner for the first time, there are some important things to know before you commit to the process. Professional carpet cleaners can eliminate a number of stains, but they are not miracle workers, and their success is largely dependent on the condition of your carpet, and on the cleaning method you choose.

Wet Methods Use Hot Water Or Shampoo -- Professional carpet cleaners who use wet methods either use a hot water process or a shampoo process. Hot water cleaning is commonly referred to as steam cleaning, and involves water heated to a high temperature that is blended with cleansers in a pump. Steam cleaning not only kills bacteria, but it suctions deep into carpet fibers to extract dirt, debris, pollen and solid objects. Unlike steam cleaning, carpet shampooing does not feature an extraction method. Instead, the shampoo method creates foam to wash your carpet, but requires wet vacuuming to get rid of the first application of foam. The shampoo method is less expensive than steam cleaning, but not quite as effective at drawing out deep-seated dirt in your carpet.

Dry Method Uses No Water -- The dry-chem method of professional carpet cleaning involves the use of a machine that applies a dry cleanser, which attaches itself to the dirt and debris in your carpet fibers. After about a half hour, a special vacuum is run over the carpet to suction the cleanser out. The dry method is preferable if you need to use your carpet within a few hours, or if you are on a stringent budget, as it is typically less expensive than the water-based methods of cleaning. However, heavily stained carpets may not respond favorably to the dry-chem method.

Stain Removal Isn't Guaranteed -- It is likely that whichever method of carpet cleaning you choose, that many common stains such as ones caused by pets or food will disappear after the initial cleaning. However, any stains that are dye based are much tougher to eliminate and may either require a second cleaning session or require you to contract with a carpet cleaner that specializes in dye stains, grease stains or oil stains. These types of cleaners utilize powerful chemical cleaners to remove stubborn stains, but they are also more expensive to hire, and the chemicals they use may pose some health risks to people with breathing problems.

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