5 Types of Services a Commercial Locksmith Company Provides

Are you interested in hiring a commercial locksmith company to meet the security demands of your business? Then you will need to keep in mind the top services that such a company should offer you, and seek out one that does offer all of those services.

By getting a comprehensive service from a locksmith company, your commercial real estate will improve in terms of security, and door access management. With that thought in mind, here are the various services that you should expect from a commercial locksmith company:

  1. Master key: If you have many different sections within your commercial building, then you might want to have a master key that can open all the doors. Having a master key allows access to the sensitive areas of your business to only those who can be trusted to such areas. For the rest of your employees, you can have keys for the areas they need to access for their jobs.
  2. Fast response: In the event that there is a broken lock, or other unforeseen problem, then you should ideally expect the locksmith to turn up on the same day. A reputable commercial locksmith service will offer a same-day service, and this is especially true if you have a working relationship with a particular locksmith company.
  3. Automated billing for large orders: If you have many residential buildings in a particular city that you need locksmith services for, then an automated locksmith service is desirable. You can simply specify your requirements for one building, and the service can be replicated for all your other buildings. Then you are billed in an automated fashion as opposed to receiving an invoice for every single job. This reduces the paperwork for your accountant, and is definitely a more efficient way of doing things.
  4. Backup keys: Your entrusted locksmith company should have back up keys that you can order in the event that you need them. Typically the locksmith company will not have the keys already made, but will have the specifications that can be used to make them on short notice.
  5. High-quality locks: For optimal security, you shouldn't settle for less than the most secure locks in the industry. You cannot go wrong with mortise and deadbolt locks as they have been proven to provide security for many different commercial buildings.

Learn more about your options by consulting experts near you. Locksmiths like Ameen's Locksmith can help you find more ways to keep your business property secure.