3 Ways to Update Your Landscaping on a Budget

A beautifully landscaped yard can make any home look welcoming and inviting, and in some cases can even increase the potential of a home selling when put on the real estate market. However, that beautiful landscaping can also be very expensive especially for a larger yard that requires a lot of landscaping supplies to fill it in.

There are some ways to update your landscaping and make it look good even when you're on a tight budget. Note a few simple tips on how to do that.

1. Freshen up Your Yard's Mulch

If you plant flower but don't add mulch, they may get lost in the appearance of your overall yard. Old mulch that is thin and faded also won't do anything to add the contrast your flowers need to stand out. Adding fresh mulch and choosing a color that offsets your flowers is a good way to update your landscaping without spending too much. Opt for a dark red mulch next to a lighter colored home, or a light brown mulch if your home is brick or painted a dark color. The contrast against the home and flowers will be very noticeable and very attractive.

2. Use River Rocks

Using stone of some sort in your landscaping can help to create a contrast against flowers and also create a walkway in your yard. However, slate and granite tiles can be very expensive and they may crack easily. A better alternative for those on a budget is river rock. These are very affordable and come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Traditional white river rocks can offset the color of a dark home or asphalt driveway, or you might choose a mixture with a red or brown color scheme for added contrast against your house or flowerbeds.

3. Use Shrubbery to Fill in Large Spaces

It can be expensive to plant flowers around your home and they can be difficult to grow, so note on tip that many landscapers use and that's to use shrubbery to fill in large spaces. Rather than assuming you need rows and rows of flowers to create an eye-catching design, use shrubs of varying colors for larger areas or for planting behind flowers. Even small evergreen trees can be very affordable and can make large areas of your landscaping look attractive, while lilac bushes and other blooming shrubs can actually take the place of flowers for much less money.

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