Ride The Wave: Why Families Are Jumping On The RV Bandwagon

It seems that caravan adventures and RV trips are not the exclusive domain of retirees anymore. According to new research, an increasing number of younger Australians are deciding to jump into their recreational vehicle and head out for a truly memory-filled holiday. Here's why.

Driving the Trend

A key factor here is evidently family bonding, as younger families increasingly opt to take driving holidays domestically, rather than spending far more for an overseas escape. A road trip holiday around Australia is seen as a lot easier and in many respects a lot safer in these turbulent times. Furthermore, the very way that an RV holiday is configured promotes a close-knit family experience and the generation of memories that can be cherished for years to come.

Research Shows the Growth

According to a white paper published by Tourism Research Australia, the largest consumer group in the travel sector is now made up of 35 to 49-year-olds, a full 50% of the total. Baby boomers are also not afraid to spend when it comes to purchasing their RVs, as self contained, or 4wd rigs of up to $150,000 are favored by this group.

Safer, Time-Efficient, Memorable

In the past, the very notion of caravanning or camping may have seemed to be somewhat passé, or not as glamorous as the all-inclusive resort holidays so heavily plugged by the industry. Yet as we live in such uncertain times with increasing security threats abroad, the domestic travel sector is now very much in a growth phase. Taking a vacation in an RV allows you to control your time a lot more effectively as well, and it takes out of the equation the uncertainty surrounding mass-transit schedules. Camping and caravanning aficionados maintain that their holiday memories are everlasting and are all about family bonding.

Passing Down Life's Memories

Sales of larger RVs are growing to take into account the need to accommodation the entire family. Indeed, there is also a trend to incorporate three generations of family, where grandparents are keen to help mould the experience of their grandchildren as they travel from place to place. Family values are front and centre when grandparents are able to recall memories of events in far-off places with their grand-kids, in real time and with real life examples.

Fitting In With The Local Economies

When families travel together, they like to fit in with the communities they visit. Statistics show that they are more likely to spend their money on "living" items in the towns they visit, rather than on traditional tourist activities. Thus, RV holidays can be planned throughout the year, rather than being confined to just peak holiday seasons, when tourist attractions are usually open for business.

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