3 Situations Where a 24-Hour Locksmith Can Help You

When you think of a locksmith, you typically think of a professional who can get you back into a locked car, or make a new set of keys. But there are also situations that are more urgent, in which you need what is known as a 24-hour or emergency locksmith to handle your issue. To help you understand all the things a 24-hour locksmith can do, here are some of the services they can offer you.

You Had a Break-in At Your Home or Office

A 24-hour locksmith can either install new locks or do what is known as a rekeying. Installing new locks is self-explanatory and involves taking out your old locks and replacing them with new ones, including a brand new set of keys. But an emergency locksmith can also rekey.

This process involves changing the configuration of your existing locks. A locksmith does this by removing the pin tumbler lock, which is the round cylinder with the keyhole, and installing a new one so that any old keys that used to open that lock are rendered inoperable. Replacing the lock would include removing the cylinder tumbler, the door handle, hinges and levers.

Rekeying is quicker and less expensive than replacing all the locks on your property, because it requires less equipment than replacing the entire lock component.

You Lost the Keys to a Safe, or Your Safe Won't Open

A 24-hour locksmith can get into that safe by making a new safe key, re-programing a safe with a combination code, or disabling the technology that controls a biometric safe and allowing you to reprogram the safe with new fingerprint codes. Emergency locksmiths can also swap out the locks of bank vaults that were breached by a thief, so you can use the safe again during the course of a business day.

Your Access Control Entry System Malfunctions

If this occurs, a 24-hour locksmith can repair your system so that you can get in or out of your office, office building and underground garage. Many businesses now restrict entry through the installation of access entry devices such as magnetic card readers or security cards that you slide through a reader.

When these access entry systems break down during a normal business day, it can wreak havoc with business meetings and the ability of clients to enter your premises. Common things that go wrong with access entry systems are a reader that can't scan the information on a security card and faulty code boxes that don't accept pre-programmed access codes due to a short in the system.